We are recruiting 
Are you ready to join?

We are looking for future scientists, engineers, astronauts, entrepreneurs, mathematicians, technology wizards, marketing superstars, or robot aficionados.  We want people who love making as much as we do, whether that be making art or making world-conquering robots.   We need people who are willing to learn anything they don’t know, and willing to teach everything they do know.  You don’t have to be into engineering to build robots.  We need people of all types, including people into design, business, art, finance, strategy, and world-conquering.  

If you are reading this, you are already part of the way there, but there are still a couple more steps before you can create awesome with us.  The first step is to tell us more about yourself.  Let’s start with that:

Whats next? After you tell us more about you, we will review your information.  If we feel you will fit well with the team you will be invited to our workshop day in September.  There, you will go through the paces of being a team member.  We will push your brain to its limits.  If you are the right type of person then we will ask you to join the team for a trial period.  During this time we will make sure you blend well with the current team members.  If all goes well then after that you will begin creating awesome with us.