Who We Are

We are a brand new FRC team based out of Alpharetta GA. Being comprised of students from more than 5 different schools, our team members have unique perspectives on the different components of FIRST Robotics Competition. This gives our team an advantage in all aspects of Business and Marketing, as well as the technical roles such as Programming, CAD, and overall design. Although we are smaller than most teams, we have clearly defined goals that allow us to be successful. This allows us to not only help ourselves succeed, but also help our competitors so everybody can gain new found knowledge from this competition.

As a team mission, we try to go beyond just FRC and take part in every level of FIRST through outreach. We believe that helping these young engineers learn more about STEAM early. This spreads our mission to broaden the impact of STEAM on communities small and large. We hope our ability to succeed as an independent team can inspire others to take part in this growing competition, no matter who they are.

FIRST, to us, is so much more than a robotics competition. It is a way to learn new skills while making new friends. The leaders that come from this program know how to make a difference and act upon that knowledge. We want to expand this everywhere, from our local community to across the country. Being a far from traditional robotics team, we want to have far from traditional thinkers that are not afraid to voice their opinion. We hope you see that from us in all of our future competitions!