FRC team 6325, Reset Robotics, second-year,

fully independent, FIRST Robotics Competition Team

based in Alpharetta, Georgia. Made up of students from

over 5 different schools, we are dedicated to sharing our

love of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and

Math) to everyone we meet. To us, FIRST is about so much

more than just the competition. It is about learning new

skills and making new friends. It is about building a team

of leaders who want to make a difference, and then actually

going out and making a difference in not only our

community, but around the world. We are far from a

traditional FRC team and we plan on proving that this




 While we are striving to perform the best in the competitions and are aspiring to place high, these do not determine success for our team. As of its founding, Reset Robotics’s main objective is to share the joy and experiences that joy brings with its team members and outside community. We value the rewarding…

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Our outreach plan involves us sharing the experience (and joy) that robotics brings to those less fortunate. Disabled and underprivileged students across Metro Atlanta are the key targets for this year’s local outreach program. This will provide opportunities for students, who previously never had STEAM experience…

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We continue to be grateful to all of our sponsors. Without their support we could not have accomplished all we have and would not be who we are today as a team. All our sponsors, no matter the volume of their contribution, have our gratitude for supporting Reset Robotics and STEAM fields. Sponsors are ranked by the size of the contribution in four levels: Neodymium, Zinc, Neon, and Hydrogen…

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  FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) — a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public charity whose mission is to help develop students into tomorrow’s science and technology leaders and innovators — uses young people’s interest in, and fascination with, robots as the “honey” to draw them into a progression of fun, engaging robotics and research programs. In the process, they learn the importance of team building and mutual respect, gain self-confidence, and develop crucial leadership and life skills, as well as master much-in-demand STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) knowledge. They are transforming into tomorrow’s leaders.

  Kids building robots is a clever disguise for a rapidly expanding community devoted to altering our culture into one where scientists and engineers are celebrated and revered on the same level as athletes and celebrities. The goal of FIRST® is to open doors for all kids so that they may discover new interests and pathways, leading them to careers in science and engineering that they might never have considered. FIRST does this through four main programs: FIRST® Robotics Competiton, FIRST® Tech Challenge, FIRST® Lego League, and Junior FIRST® Lego League.

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Reaching out to our community is one of the most important aspects of this robotics team. Through various programs, which we call outreach, our team focuses on spreading word about what STEAM is and why it is so important. Robotics is not just about building robots, it is also about teaching life skills that are crucial in every field of study, such as communication skills, making connections, learning to create innovative plans and sticking to those plans. With these skills in mind, we plan on creating programs that help those who do not have regular access to robotics, which is our goal with STEAM access. STEAM access is a program about science, technology, engineering, arts and math, that focuses on educating students with special needs, who are at risk, and who do not have means to attend meetings. Our team’s main focus is on teaching and guiding these students about…

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The US Department of Education reports that the number of STEAM jobs in the United States will grow by 14% from 2010 to 2020 – exceeding the national average of 5-8% across all sectors by far. This staggering growth will produce as many as 2.4 million unfilled jobs in coming years. Many currently marginalized communities lack the opportunity to develop the skills that are essential for these STEAM careers because their education does not prioritize it. Through our FIRST experience, we know we can make a difference. Specifically, we are working with students in at-risk, special needs, and rural communities to afford them the STEAM experience that FIRST provides.

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Community interaction is one of the most important parts of a FIRST team. To that extent, we encourage our members to volunteer at every FIRST event in addition to other STEAM programs. We also share the knowledge we learn during competition season by mentoring FTC and FLL teams. This way, we can continue to promote science and engineering education and give back to the community, even after FRC season ends.

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Extra special thank you to our sponsors Big Blue Saw for waterjet cutting all of our custom parts!