FRC Team 6325

Who We Are

We were formed out of the desire to bring STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) to everyone, no matter how difficult the challenges may be. Through our efforts, we continue to raise a new standard for robotics teams and spark the interest that leads into a STEAM career. We aim to inspire innovation, build leaders, and make a change in education.

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Beyond Robots

Reset Robotics is more than just building robots; we are an organization dedicated to teaching life skills that are crucial in every field of study. Through outreach, Reset Robotics focuses on spreading awareness of the significance of STEAM as well as educating the community about the influence it has inside and out of the playing field. Our mission is to inspire the coming generations to grow into proud innovators and creators to lead the future. Rather than solely learning the works to building a robot, we learn how to efficiently cooperate as a team, manage time wisely, and lead ourselves for times when no one else will.

Striving for innovation

Our Robot

Our 2017 FIRST Steamworks robot, Morpheus, was a 140-pound mecanum-drive robot capable of both scoring gears and climbing. Morpheus scored an average of 4 gears per match and could climb the airship in only a matter of seconds. We consistently made it into elimination rounds during district events. During the Georgia off-season event, GRITS, Morpheus ranked 3rd, making it all the way to the finals. Morpheus was most known for its black appearance and use of LEDs throughout the robot. However, Morpheus also is well known for its unique electrical board made of UHMW with all wires running underneath, hidden from view.